Hello everyone!

We are Scott and Natalie of The Science Duo. We have 21 years of combined experience in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Science. Natalie has a BS in Geology from Stephen F. Austin University and Scott has a BS in Biology from Southern Nazarene University. You could say that we are pretty big science nerds. 🙂  We now focus full time on creating interactive and engaging resources for middle school classrooms.

We strive to display our passion of science through highly engaging and differentiated lessons.  Science should be fun and exciting, right?!?

We feel it is important to get students up and moving and actively participating every day.  Most important of all, school should be a safe environment in which all students are respected and appreciated.

In our spare time we love to spend time with our 4 kids, hang out with family, travel, and watch sports.  Go Astros!  🙂